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    Our History
    88 Aces Maritime Services Inc. was established by a group of young men, comprising mostly of Captains and Engineers whose primary objective is to provide good opportunities to qualified marine personnel. Aimed to contribute in upgrading the status of the manning industry in the Philippines - balancing the stakes, growth and development of both client and crew.
    88 Aces Maritime Services, Incorporated was also borne out of the common goal to give opportunities to less recognized seafarers.  Seafarers who though graduated from the "not so" cream of the crop institutions but whose qualifications and passion in their posts are without doubt of global standards.          

    Initially with four vessels -two bunker and two cargo vessels,  in less than a year, its manned ships have increased to 16 offshore vessels. Some of which are considered to have the latest equipment available in the offshore industry.  Today, 88 Aces Maritime Services, Incorporated is proud to announce that it has its niche in the offshore industry with vessels in operations in almost all parts of the world. With our goal and guiding principle - client and crew concern addressed 24/7.  Further, in its more than ten (10) years in the industry, 88 Aces Maritime Services, Incorporated has no legal cases, except for less than a handful minor medical cases.  We boast of no labor related complaint.  A glaring proof that we take care of our clients concern as much as we take care of our equally valuable men.

    It aims to diverse in other manning requirements available. We will be known as a company that addresses needs of the industry when and where they need our competitive men are.
    Mission Statement
    It is our mission to render excellent service to shareholders through continuous improvement of the quality of service provided to both clients and crew and to the whole shipping industry. To be a service provider that speaks of honesty, integrity and concern for everyone''''s interests done in the highest degree of competency and professionalism. Thereby contributes in upgrading the status of the whole manning industry.
    Vision Statement
    It is our vision to be globally known as an agency that renders excellent service to principals; One that works continuously at par with the standards of the governing bodies of the international shipping industry; To be known for impartiality, honesty and concern for crew, principals and shareholders. It is our vision to be known as a company that contributes in the upgrading of the standards of the whole manning industry.