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    Legal Policy

    88 Aces Maritime Services , Incorporated  -  since its establishment more than ten years ago can boasts of zero complaints on on-job-site accident.  With less than a handful of cases since its establishment, we take it to ourselves to select clients with the same concern to the crews'' safety and well-being.  As this company adheres strictly to  Department of Labor and Employment, hand in hand with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration  - 88 Aces Maritime Services, Incorporated not to collect any fee from its applicants and workers.  It is this company''s policy that every detail related to the crews'' and the clients responsibility is discussed clearly with the crew.  PDOS is likewise given importance to avoid any misconception or wrong expectations that would result to any misunderstanding while on-board the vessel.  

    88 Aces Maritime Services, Incorporated sees to it that crews'' safety  and well-being is above all else paramount in our agreement with our clients.  Likewise, clients'' intructions and policies being equally important is emphasized on during each and every deployment for all crew to have clear understanding on the client''s company policies that must be followed strictly while on-site.


    It is 88 Aces Maritime Services, Incorporated''s legal policy to be attuned and adhere to the rules, regulations and policies of the Department of Labor and Employment together with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration on matter governing our Filipino overseas workers.